UBiAi Engine

Connected Data Application Platform

Open Platform, connecting data and business working on digital transformation and service innovation for OEMs


    • Precise Product Marketing

    • Intelligent Aftersales Services

    • Quick Product Iteration

    • Life Cycle Management

    • Dynamic Customer Management

    • Financial Intelligent Services

UBiAi Exchange

Vehicle Data Commercial Service Platform

Safe, standardized and scenario-based car data service, creating new business opportunities for customers(clients) and building brand new business ecosystem of car data services.


    • Insurance Services

    • Financial Services

    • Mobility Services

    • Maintenance and Repair

    • Energy Services

    • LBS Services

    • Automotive Parts

    • Used-car Trading


  • Focus

    Professional Vehicle Data Application Platform, focusing on value creation and application innovation of car data.

  • Connection

    Widely-connected data and business scenarios, offering scenario-based car data and application services.

  • Insight

    New insights into market changes and business requirements, helping customers create a boom in business growth and reform.

  • Intelligence

    Advanced “Big Data” Intelligent Analysis Technology, quickly resolving the problems about automotive and relevant businesses.

  • Standard

    An aggregation of vehicle data collecting from various brands and models, providing standardized data-driven services.

  • Security

    Employing a comprehensive approach to data security, protecting data privacy & providing a transparent and reliable data application platform.